Thursday, November 19, 2009

Choo Chweet!!

Success comes to them, who want it... even if the world believes u wont succeed.. Unless you give up you can prove the world wrong!! Dont listen to people ... listen to yourself and you shall get what you want :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Want to volunteer... but dont know where to start?

You can start by registering here..
Amazing and easy..
You just fill up a form with the number of days you wish to volunteer, areas of interest, time you can devote, location you prefer and they promise to call back.. with an appropriate opportunity...
What more can one ask for!! The site also has loads of upcomng events and updates..
So if you have been procrastinating this for quite a while... and wish to do it ... do it right away! It could'nt have been easier than this :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Missing those good old days

Missin those days when
Cell wud kip ringing with calls from friends
Mail boxes wud have pleasant mails from friends.. Birthday mails from number of days (equal to your age) before ur birthday... Celebrations... Surprises
Studying at night would mean laughing with friends over phone... kuch padhke nahi hua
Laughing, crying with friends
Friends were always taken for granted.. yeh to hamesha hai nearby
Plans for movies made by friends.. (a msg in cell fone saying movie tickets are booked)
Calling up without bothering what time of day/ night it is :) or which part of universe he/she is, how busy/ free is he/she, with whom is he/she
Getting calls zillions of times from the same people
Jaane kaha gaye wo din... Life gets busy and people move on.. Ah if thats whats being a grown up.. i dont want to be.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Appreciation... isn't it what we always are on a look out for!! But how many times do we appreciate efforts of others.. Well if we do it great, if we don't we should...
At most times, we realise and understand the importance of others/ others work once its not there.. I could never have imagined that my manager cud appreciate my work and commitment as much as she did on my farewell :)) and for the first time she had examples of good work that i did... i just wonder if that was my appraisal would she speak so good... She did appreciate me otherwise but ye din to kuch aur hi tha... After a point the material returns from your job bcome minuscule and all that matters are these small, sweet things which most miss out on..
When did you last appreciate ur mom, ur dad... ur family.. ur friends... ur colleagues... ur manager.. and most importantly Urself.. Just cos i am not as intelligent as , or good looking as, or smart as... or as..... as xyz, do i always undermine myself...
Once you appreciate urself every fall, every problem, every issue can be tackled with lot of ease.. when you appreciate urself... even if others miss to do... it doesn't matter... why shd i form an impression of me based on what xyz says abt me.. ok i don't know stuff maybe... but appreciate the fact that you know that you don't know and learn :)
When you find someone has worked hard on something but yet it is not up to the mark.... appreciate the efforts... if not the end result.. There are 2 options here
1. You appreciate : The person learns and does better the next time..
2. you screw his/ her a** : He losses all confidence and the next time he works he screws up more :))
in the end you loose
If you cant appreciate, never never devalue anyone...
baap re bahut gyaan giving ho gaya... off i go... and not to forget i appreciate you read my bakwaas...oye u dare not call it bakwaas.. remember if u cant appreciate... don't devalue this masterpiece :))

Sunday, November 1, 2009

School vs Office/ Adnan Sami

Bachon ko eschool mein kyu dalte hai?? bachon ko kya sikhate hai..
office mein ye sab school mein padhaye paath kitna matlab rakhte hai??
School: Beta, hamesha sach bolo!!
Office urf Adnan: kabhi nahi, kabhi nahi
School: Karm karo fal ki chinta mat karo
Office: Fal ki taraf dhyan rakho.... karm baaki logon ko karne do!
School: Acha karm karoge, to acha paoge..
Office: Hehe!! Hehe!! Karm karoge to kuch nahi paoge
School: Badon ka adar karo
Office: Command fear !! you shall get respect free free free... chote bade go to hell
School: Mil baat ke kaam karo
Office: Cheen ke acha kaam karo
School: Early to sleep, early to rise... makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise
Office: i wont let you sleep.. so forget being healthy/wealthy or wise..
To aakhir bachon ko school mein kyu daalte hain??