Monday, October 25, 2010

Musings of a confused mind

Far she wants to go
Where? she does not know
The road aint well traced
New situations every moment she has faced

Failed many attempts to straighten
Some have had her trust broken
Some have left her on the way
All the while she hoped they would for lifetime stay.

She's cried, She's been sad
But she's never given up, she's glad
She still does not know where she wants to go
But far, far from the path everyone knows.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some things..

Some random things i am trying to put down..

Never fear the consequences/ fear what will happen. cos what you fear may/will really happen. But life does not stop.

CFA may be interesting but its annoying at times 2.. and worst my habit of needing a company while studying.. Oh Muks i miss your company.. I have written half my papers through morning gyaan from you on the phone..
Some friends dont meet you so often but yet you know they are there no matter.. saale besharam picha hi nahi chodte :) Thanks Mukta, Ankita, Shweta :P
Muki dearest thanks for taking half day frm office on my bday and coming all the way.. i know its long time back.. but thnks

There are some things i want to learn/ experiment - cooking, driving, animation, some sport

I have begun story telling sessions at night to Dhrumil.. so cooking stories and thinking of good old stories is on my mind. Last night i just happened to ask him what do you want to be/ what you wont to do.. He says first i want to teach the poor, i wont charge them.. rather i will pay them and then i want to be an enggineer :)kya nek khayal hai..

Wherever i shall be, i shall be happy. I dont need 2 much money i have realised, i need my own sweet people.. my family and friends.