Monday, March 16, 2009

"Dont Make Somebody a Priority If u are just an Option for them"

A very common forward, does not really make much sense to me... How can I decide my options and priorities on the basis of what the other person thinks or feels... So according to the above saying if a person does not consider another person friend, the other person also should not care back... In that case i feel a human heart seems like a television which can be controlled by the push of a button.
Every person has his/her choice.. so probably a person that I care the most, may not even think anything about me... but does that mean i should also stop caring... and even if this means so is there any tried and tested method to stop caring for a person you care the most.. And then why be so conditional.
Extending it a little further, if of the two friends, one starts having feelings for the other... does the friendship develop a crack/ can things still work out even though the other person has no such feelings what so ever.. And if the relation changes after the person has communicated his feelings, would any person feel free to communicate their feelings?
Th8s and comments are welcome :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Long time no see

Its been quite some time away from the blog.. and unlike initially i have stopped checking it also.. not completely... but earlier atleast once in office i would just love to check it... In all these days i have been contemplating whether to continue writing or stop and was more or less sure of stopping it... and then i also know its something i like doing the most these days.. Whenever i see something interesting, irritating, i start talking to my blog... Though i am yet not decided on whether i shall still continue to write, abhi filhaal shall write...

Have come to stay at my close friends place (uhu uhu had come to STUDY... bt have had a real good time).. Its been long since i wanted to come here but kept postponing... Saturday morning we attended an interactive session by Arun Jaitley. The session was organised and attended by entrepreneurs and professionals who thought it was time that we acted instead of merely pointing fingers at each other at times when the country and its people needed it the most. Franky i am not such a political creature... but i always wanted to be more aware..

My friend is pretty keen on joining politics along with her career. So i also joined her when she decided to go for the session. But i really enjoid listening to the talks... . A lawyer by profession, Mr Jaitely spoke lot of sense and knew exactly what he was speaking.
Three key points he discussed were governance, economic growth and national security.. He could really hold the audience to attention for an hour and something that he spoke for. He narrated one incident where in parliament someone commented to him "You have the best of both the worlds" (as in professional and politics) and he retorted.. Yes i do.. and i know no art of living without working... Obviously he was talking good about BJP, but that was not the only things he kept talking about.. He was opinion that congress has taken a non decisive approach and we have not seem many good reforms during its tenure. Also he said i told Mr. Chidambaram , u r a lucky finance minister , when you were in power you inherited a booming economy.. He also pointed out that signs of subprime were felt in 2007, but at that time all the government saw was rising inflation and sucked liquidity at a time when there was need for consumer expenditure... He said that the dream team of Mr Chidambaram and Manmohan kept day dreaming... He also said politics should be on the basis of merit and not surnames.

Indifference is not the answer. Todays youth may have a proud feeling of not being involved in politics. But i agree that when we have to have a government and we know we have a choice to choose it, it is sheer indifference and ignorance and stupidity to be proud of the fact that one is not interested in politics... Maybe all the candidates, partys are corrupt... but we still need to choose which is the best among the worst as they will be running the country for next 5 years.
I have been indifferent all the while 2. And i dont say that post this session i am totally convinced that BJP is the best party to vote for. But i think political awareness is very necessary and i think political education must be introduced in education curriculum.

Anyways... post which we came home had load of talks, discussions... had delicious lunch... watched movies... went out for dinner... All in all it was a well utilised saturday... and its been a superb stay at her place after a very long time....