Sunday, January 25, 2009

One More FEATHER to the cap

On 20th January, Financial Risk Manager (FRM) results were out. And its a proud feeling that my sister is one among the 3,992 who passed out of 13,681 students registered as in October.

After CA, this is one more feather added to her kitty.

However, the wait for the result was full of mixed feeling. On 20th January results were to reach the candidates via email at 12pm EST as GARP is a US based institution. But as luck would have it, the result dint hit her mailbox right upto 21st January, infact has not yet hit her mailbox. On 21st January the results were updated on the website and that was when it was time to say "EUREKA"

Congratulations!! May success be with you ALWAYS!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Dil kabhi ganda, kabhi hai nek banda

I can so well connect with this song.... especially these lines... dil kabhi ganda, kabhi hai nek banda... dil ka bharosa kaise koi kare, dil kabhi thanda, kabhi hai atom bomb sa... ye dhamaka kaise koi sahe.. Dil ki yahi khata hai, dil ko nahi pata hai... ki dil chahta hai kya!!!

No no ye love type chakar nahi hai... its just that i see lot of mood swings these days.. One day you can find me so very happy and the other day its just completely opposite... and somehow i feel i am on either extreme... Life ka balance dabadhol ho gaya hai types...

One more song that has been ringing in my mind for some time now is jaane kya dhundta hai ye mera dil.. tujhko kya chahiye jindagi (by lucky ali)...

Missed running in the Marathon today even after getting myself registered, thanks to a cousins engagement.. But anyways they found a replacement in my place so someone did run.

And by now i have also realised that i cannot chill now... i have to take stock of my life... I have to know where, what and how i want to be... In short i need to get serious... something that i have intentionally avoided for long now.

And now-a-days office lunch time gup shups are getting a lil irritating.. I dont know WHY people love mocking and making fun at the expense of others.... (i have never been the victim, but stil).. An example of the conversation: (A has been down with malarial fever and not in office for some days)
So at the lunch table (Day is Friday)
B: 'A' Monday se office aane wali hai, it seems
C: Acha, kaise malum?
B: 'D' ne bola ki 'A' ne use bola ki wo monday se aa jayegi (D is also having lunch)
And suddendly comes a shrewd reply
C: Acha aise pata chal jata hai kya!! (ki Monday ko she will be fine)

And most interestingly such people will not tolerate any fun made about them.. At such times i feel happy for what i am... I will never put someone down for just a stupid round of laugh from fellow colleagues.

Another incident where my colleague was talking about a new joinee (joined about 2-3 months back) with me
He: Are usko kuch nahi aata.. fir maine usko pucha ki kya karti hai, Boli CA kar rahi hai (just enrolled for CA inter after T.Y.Bcom); aur pata hai use operating aur non operating bhi nahi samajh aata
Me: (just blank dont know what to say)
He: (irritated i guess bcos i dint react) are usko excel bhi nahi aata hai...
Me: Maine join kiya to mujhe bhi nahi aata tha!!
He: (gives a blank stare)
Me: seriously i knew nothing
HE: fir bhi yaar kuch to aata hoga.. usse to alt+tab bhi nahi pata..

In short until i would say haaaaaaa... aisi bewakoof ko kaise recruit kiya. this guy would have hundreds of things to say... All i feel is if a person does not know anything, he can always be trained... And everybody at some point begins from that stage. Just because maybe ur seniors werent fair to you, you learnt so many things by yourself ... is it justifyable that you make your juniors go through the same?

Chalo ab office ki ho gayi chutti... i am really looking forward to this leave!! hope to come back soon

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is Your Office Making You Sick?

More than a year back when i was not in the working category of population and my sis used to go to job... I used to let her know how lucky i felt she is... bus ghar se jao job and then back home... But i used to always tell her home is just lodging boarding services for you... Used to tease her loads about her love and affection for her office. But now after working in office post more than a year... i can surely agree to so many points in this article

Points worth highlighting:

- you're doing everything possible to hold on to your job. That includes coming in early, working late, logging in on weekends and neglecting the gym.
- While this may make your boss happy, your body is most likely crying foul.
- From uncomfortable work spaces to poor air quality to depression-inducing stress, there are plenty of opportunities to come home feeling worse than when you left in the morning.
- It is estimated that, for every dollar invested in workplace wellness policies, a company receives a $2 to $4 return on its investment.
- According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, almost 2 million workers suffer from such musculoskeletal disorders, including elbow tendinitis, wrist pain and lower back problems.
- A study in the November 2007 issue of the American Journal of Public Health demonstrated a significant relationship between work stress and depression. Increased stress and depression have been linked to a number of chronic and non-chronic health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and heart attacks.

On an average we spend around 10 hours in office, all hooked to our computers.. minimum 5 days a week so on the 6th day all we want is a day of rest.. When back from home on a normal day we are already too tired, so we end up eating half bits and then just dozing off...

We rarely find time to talk to our family, let alone meeting up our friends... We start hating too much of questioning by parents (grown ups you see), etc etc... Then we argue with close ones... and finally we just want some time by ourselves....

Health is also worse hit.. and then most of us wudnt take offs unless situation is v bad...

As if all this not enough, to add to it there is office politics, fake behaviour, backstabbing, performance reviews.... on and on

But, one may wonder that people have been working since ages then why are we complaining so much now... Whats the difference:

- Increase in expectations from ourselves
- Disinterest in socialising (just heard about a manager who comes to office even on saturday and plays games and stuff on his lappy than spending time at home with his lil daughter)
- We want to earn more, spend more; earn even more and spend even more... In the end though we dont even find time to spend what we earn....
- Success is to a major extent measured as success in career
- And now after this global turmoil, job security reasons.

And to add to this when most of us are questioned what are we all aiming for in life, so many of us are blank.. (maybe this assumption is incorrect)

Within weeks of getting married people are back in office, and working from 8 am to 10/ 11 pm... err...

Anyways, too much of bakwaas for now... Looking forward to two weeks having six working days... as we had last two 3 working day weeks...

i realise tomorrow is my first working day in the year 2009!


Friday, January 2, 2009

General Bakar

Today being the first day of new year i would like to wish all of you a very happy new year..

I do not know but i in particular do not have any particular excitement!! But still i think its better to have any reason for celebration...

By celebrations i remember those friendship days in college... one of my closest friends would never budge to allow us tie a friendship band... As it made no sense to her that on one day by tying a ribbon you express dat you care... ya but the damsel did celebrate Raksha Bandhan...

On a nice note i have made a bet with a friend, which i think i will WIN and the reward is samsung innova8. Reading its features i get to know it has a 8 mega pixel cam and 32 GB memory, more than enuf for an ordinary mortal like me... I hope i don't lose the bet though!!

This morning i tried my hands in the kitchen!!! something really unusual... i tried making an uttappa.. cooking is not as easy as i earlier thought it to be... It turned out to be ok-ok types.. but not bad you see... had i to rate myself it wud be 3 and a half on 5.. not bad i think...

I enjoid the poem on this link

I sometimes fear the death of my near and dear ones... The other day i heard someone say in the train someones husband had died of an heart attack... and then suddenly i thought it could be my dad .. I saw a similar fear in few of my friends... Anyways lets not think all dis

Recently i have seen a ruder version of me (version degradation)... It takes me no time to answer back to people (unfortunately only to the people close to me)

I think i need a nice outing..

And for now i need some more sleeep!! or a Bath

HAPPY NEW YEAR once again.. Hope it brings you loads of success and happiness!!