Monday, February 16, 2009


Finally d day is over... CET is done... 1 month of leave is coming to an end!!! and finally i dnt need to resist the temptation to blog...

There are many thoughts... finally its over; but it wasnt that good; and ohhh tommorrow is office...; almost 1 month i was at home, dint realise though; the amazing support i had all this while (though i kept cribbing); ........

I dunno why i tend to loose my cool in CET, which somewhat happened today also, but i managed to get back.

This one month was like a roller coaster ride, one day i was quite ok with my preparation and the other day i went zoop down... and i would not have been this motivated, had it not been for the continous support, guidance, anger of Nirav and Dipti :)

I have frustrated them enuf this whole month, right upto the point when i just wanted to give up... Thanks a ton!!

In the beginning when i started, i started off well, but then started slowing down...
I was fired left, right, centre (exaggerated)

But in the last week of prep,

When i joined test series my scores started at 110+ something (i was a lil down)
I get a message: not bad, but v'l be better for d rest of the week, what say

Third test it incresed by 7-8 marks -
I get a message: gr8 u r improving by d day :)

Then health went down, got terrific cold,
I get a message: take v good care of ur health, sleep early

I hesitated at sleeping early as had nt done much in the day
I get a message: kip studis 2ndry, health primary, sleep early..

One day i got real angry with my sister, next day i get a gift and a card!!

Waow!! what more can one ask!! and can you believe i was still complaining!!
They were just the best!!

Thank you so much!!!
And i am sorry, as i still could not meet up with the expectations...

But i will not give up!! :)