Friday, September 4, 2009

How dare I

This is something i loved so much... how dare i not take out time for this
But this is not only with blogging, oops i realise i dont have tme for anything i love... or probably i dont create time..


Came to know i am among the top two utilised team members in the team (dont know 1st/ 2nd).. it feels good... utilised as in i have good number of chargeable hours which cud be charged to the client... yeppie!!

Another yeppie!! i have decided to quit my job... but ya kuch emotional attachment ho gayi hai.. its not so easy to detach from this place which was part of my life for 2 whole years... another yeppie... i will complete 2 years in KPMG this Sunday.. Not that i love being in this place, but pata nahi suddenly knowing that it wont be there causes a lil pain... but it does give loads of happiness..

Will write later now!!