Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fun @ Cartoon

Its the Tom and Jerry show!!
Its so much fun... i love tom and jerry
and ab i am hooked with tom and jerry games @ cartoon network site

Hats off to the creators William Hanna and Joseph Barbera !! Muuahhh to tom and jerry!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Give me some sunshine!!

DNA surveyed over 150 children and here's some of what they had to say:

- Listen to what we have to say

- Mom, Dad, we want more of your time... We may hate authority, but we do seek your advice. Pls be around to help us deal with the confusion.

- We want to do different things.. Homework's ok, but only if it's worth it..

When did you really see a child really as happy.. Getting enough time to play... to do things they enjoy.. not the things their parents want them to do.. I can assure the times we grew up were better... We had time for classes, for school and most importantly for play. These kids are a smart lot.. and all we are doing is making them follow the routine, monotonous life...

Tuitions have been so much in demand.. and good tuitions have been equivalent to loads of homework.. Just mugging up things is what the kids are made to do.. most wouldn't be able to answer meanings of simple words... but will write the whole essay.. writing one answer wrong in tuition amounts to writing it 10-15 times at home :(

Can you not hear a loud cry?? BACHAOOOOOOO..

Yes inculcating a habit to study is important.. but not at this cost.. A kid in 1st / 2nd standard spends on an average 7-10 hours in school, tuition, grammar classes and what not.. and then the much hated HOMEWORK... (why should one like it)... when is he to play.. many don't even have friends in vicinity to play with... Technology has touched their lives much sooner.. You can expect them to know things that even you did not in your cell phone.

Will we be compromising those smiles on their faces.. Will things just be so competitive for them right from start.. Will they have to cry each time they need parent attention

Will they sing in future


I hope not...